Friday 22 August 2014

Bell Park

It wasn't the best day weather wise, but off we went anyways. We wanted to do the MacNamara Trail which we have done many times. At the trailhead there is a "no dogs" sign because they don't want us dogs scaring the wildlife. Well, us shelties are not really the type to "run down deer" so normally we ignore that sign. Well this time, there was a new "no dogs at any time" sign, so the mom felt guilty and decided to obey. So guess we won't be doing the MacNamara Trail again any time soon. Honestly people, if dog owners respect the property, clean up and keep us dogs close, how are we scaring the wildlife, except maybe the odd tree rat, we never see any wildlife. Our little town doesn't have a dog park, so what is a dog to do?
 Down the road is another park we like, it doesn't have great trails, but it does have pretty views. It is a point where 2 rivers meet, so here we are at Bell Park.
When trying to get close to one of the pretty views, mom spotted a tent with clothes hung about drying. Guess they didn't see the "no camping" sign. We didn't see anyone butts it was a bit creepy so we skedaddled out of there, since there was only us to protect the mom if things got out of hand. Don't think we would be much help herding them around.

Of course, the mom had to pull out the flashy beast, to commemorate the event of the pretty views. She drives us nuts with that all the time. Butts we are used to it, so if we want to hike, expect the flashy beast at every turn.
Scout wouldn't mind sun bathing on the rocks, if there was some sun, but no dice on this day.

I know mom I got a bit messy with all the exploring, relax I will let you brush me later.

Here we are showing mom how sure footed we are. Around the corner is where the 2 rivers meet and it is fast water, she worries way too much, our ancestors are from the Shetland Islands, so we are experts don't you know.

This is fun, I am one ruff & tumble boy. I wanted to swim but "you know who" wouldn't let me.

of course we see the sign, but we aren't doing more than 5 mph, , what a worry wart.
Scout says, I'm fine, we're checking pee mail, scary tent person is no where in sight.
Scout kills me, trying to get a drink without getting his feet wet. I could show him how it's done but you know who would let me in the water, what a worry wart ....
So that was our little excursion this morning, no running down deer and no tree rats harmed.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Blakeney Rapids

We went for a hike at a new park. It has rapids, little streams that branch off, little foot bridges. It was very pretty, with trails going everywhere, so we just walked and walked. It was hilly terrain, so it was a bit much for Scout's short legs, so we had to take lots of breaks to let him rest and just to enjoy ...

Of course, mom had to stop us every time we turned around to take photos, sometimes we just wished she would let us walk. But being the photogenic shelties we are, we obliged ...

We are hot, can we just sit and relax for a minute ...

wait ... we're not ready yet

we like it here under the shady trees, you go sit in the hot sun

all right all right, just one though and no we are not going to look at you ...

ahh, this is the life for me

we get distracted by squirrels, but the mom on the other hand, its wild flowers, so we had to stop again ...
It was a great day, hope you enjoy it too!!

Saturday 9 August 2014

Axel Loves Agility

Axel here, thought I would show you some agility obstacles. I love, love, love playing agility.

this is me, showing my sheltie pants, going over a jump at 10". we just do 10" for training. in a real agility trial I would need to do the next one 16" but for practice my trainer just wants me to be comfortable.
next is the dog walk. this was when I first started so I can do a lot higher now. la de la de la, yup easy peasy ... I'm supposed to hit my contacts at the beginning & at the end, meaning all 4 paws must be on the contact.
we train 2x2 weaves ... here I am learning by this technique. you start by just going thru 2 poles, then gradually add 2 more & 2 more, finally you then add 6 more in 2 sets, I'm not there yet, but Scout is a weaving master, he loves the weaves.

this is the chute ... once you know the tunnel then the chute is easy peasy too! some dogs don't like the fabric touching their back but once you figure out where the end is, no problem ...
incoming!! yup this is the tunnel, most doggies love the tunnel best, tunnel hounds they call us ... you start with the tunnel really short so you can see the end of it. but then those pesky humans stretch it out at all different angles ... the good thing is there is always a treat at the end.
this is my rock star moment! photo by Avalon Ranch, where I go for grooming & agility training. this was at an agility demo a few weeks back ... guess what, I must have done good because they asked me back for another one this weekend.

another photo by Avalon Ranch ... yup I'm lovin it ... can you say YEAH ... I LOVE AGILITY!!

Smiling for Sugar

Sending our best smiles for a super special birthday girl!
‘I am not young but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there.
J’aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.’
— Coco Chanel
Stay young at heart! Happy 13th Barkday Sugar!

Thursday 7 August 2014

Our Kitties

Not only are we 2 little Sheltie boys, we have 3 kitties in our famdamily.
thought we should introduce them as well

Pookie is the old lady, she is 17, can u believe it. She was adopted from the humane society. She is very healthy for an old gal, just a wee bit deaf. She loves basking in the sun and she insists on her milky doodoos every morning ... which we kindly lick up when she is done ...

Then there is monkey boy, the dad's best boy who he rescued. Now he is not the original monkey boy but dad missed him so much he called the new one monkey boy too! Here he is spooning with Pookie. She never had any kitties of her own, so she kind of adopted him. They do this a bunch.

3rdly is Pearl, she is pure white with blue eyes, white as ivory snow. She is a rescue too, in fact her shelter name was Ivory. Mama drove a couple of hours to get her Mom a white cat, which she just had to have. Grandma didn't like the name Ivory and usually ended up calling her Pearl, from when she had 2 twin sisters which she called Minnie & Pearl. When the grandma passed away, Pearl came to live with us. She is kind of a "if I fits, I sits" kinda girl.

and since we are introducing family members, here is Argus, an Australian Cattle Dog. When the skin kid got him, they lived with us, so I had to show him the ropes ... smile & you get treats ...

Here he is showing his donkey ears, but like I said before, I wouldn't say that to his face. They have their own house now but he still comes for visits.

Hope you enjoy meeting the non sheltie family members. Have a great day!!

Your pal, Scout