Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Shopping around the world

Sorry I've not been around ... Holidays for 2 weeks ... Woohoo
But I made notes my last shopping trip so wanted to join Bacon and Fozzie for shopping around the world

Medium ground beef $11/kg bought .4 kg so $4.40 for a pack
Schneiders bacon reg $6.99 on sale for $5.88 for a 375g package
Schneiders all beef hot dogs $5.99 for a 375g package. Sorry Frankie & Ernie, I mean tube steaks
Delissio rising crust Canadian pizza $7.49 860g Canadian pizza has pepperoni, bacon & mushroom
Cashmere TP12 double rolls $11.49 reg $7.99 on sale

So there you have it, we shop at Metro and we are from Canada.

see you soon
The Shelties mama

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Come Swimming with Us

Axel here, I'm writing this one because HRH Scout says I'm the swimmer boy. This is one of our fav parks, I get to swim at the nice little beach, then play fetch to dry off me furrs.

here is His Royal Highness, barking his orders from shore as usual

this is me, getting it done 
(notice I'm cheating a bit here ... walking & not swimming ... don't tell mom)

we had fun today. can you believe HRH sitting down, I'm the one did all the work!

and here we are drying off my furrs

this was more fun than going to the lady who puts me in a big tub then points a hot, loud beastie at me
but mom says I don't smell as good, she says I smell like the Ottawa River !!

till next time
your pal, Axel

Monday, 21 July 2014

Swimming with The Boy

We were at a Riverdrive Festival recently. It is held each year to honour and celebrate the Ottawa River and its historic contribution to our little town. There were vintage boats, great food, paddling & boat rides and traditional music.

We were invited as part of the Avalon Ranch Dock Diving & Agility demos. Avalon Ranch is where we train agility. We did the agility demo ... dock diving & shelties are not a good mix, we could drownded you know. We had fun doing relay races with the kids, over jumps and thru tunnels, kids aren't as fast as us though ... Afterwards, it was really hot, so me and the boy decided to have some fun in the water, notice no docks involved ...

I can get it follow me
can't catch me
no way jose, it's all mine
faster Axel, faster, don't let the boy have it
man that's hard work

As you can tell, I'm the swimmer dog, HRH Scout only give directions from the shore ... 
Until next time, 
your Pal ... Axel
PeeS, watch for my agility pics coming soon

Sunday, 20 July 2014

B&W Sunday

This is Dad's kitty Monkey Boy ...

B&W Blog Hop Hosted by Nola & Sugar

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hiding a Geocache

The Mom likes to go geocaching and she drags us along. It is kind of a hide & seek game. People hide geocaches, post on, then the peeps try to find it using coordinates. When you find one you sign the log, trade trinkets, then go back to & log that you found it. We have found lots of them, it takes you to places you would not normally visit, so it is good to get the mom out of house and go exploring. we let the mom do the computer stuff, we just like the exploring and visiting all the pee mail out there. The Mom has a few caches hidden and we went out today to hide another one.

I know where we are going, we like this walkie.
on 2nd thought, it's very hot .. can we just stay in the air conditioned car ..
we checked it out .. all is safe
follow us, we know the way
aww a little cooler in here, except for the skeeters, quite lovely in here
sqweeril alert ....
oh yeah back to why we are here ... looks good mom ... can't see it from this angle
yup ... looks good .. see you back at the car 
there was a nasty sqweeril  ... honest
this is the way out ... trust in the shelties ...
mama ... catch up why don't cha

So that was our little adventure for today. We are calling it A walk in the woods, it is really pretty here in the fall. a little warm today!!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Its a Jungle out there

Walked downtown for supplies, had to wait for the dad
were here dad ... woohoo ...
Last year they took out the railway line. You would think it would be a nice walk, not so. It is hard walking on the big rocks left behind. The old railway line kind of divides our little town in half, defining what side of the tracks you live on hehehe.

At the end of our street, you cross the tracks to go downtown. for some reason, the town only mows grass up to a certain point ... why oh why were not sure ... can you tell there is a old railway line in there ...

So we make our own trail, making the big boys go first, and me pulling up the rear, as usual
man it is a jungle out there

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Introducing My Sheltie Boys

I've been following Blogville peeps for awhile and thought I would give it a go ... everyone is so friendly & have so much fun!! Here it goes ...

I have two little sheltie boys (well maybe not so little) that I love & adore. We like to go on hikes, though Scout can't go too far in the heat, he is more of a winter lover. Axel is my geodog ... we love to go geocaching (more on that later). We also like to play at agility, just for fun, we are not ready to compete, mama just can't run fast enough.

This is my sable Boy Scout, He is turning 8 yo in the fall and he is the Boss. I researched many breeds when hubby finally said yes we could get another dog. Shelties have magnificent coats and even though they take a bit of grooming, it is worth it. They are medium sized  so not quite lap dogs but still snuggly. They have a lot of energy, so it forces you to get out & walk them every day ... sometimes I need a kick in the you know what ...

After a few years, we thought Scout needed a companion being home alone all day, in came Axel. I wanted a tri but none were available at the time, so Axel is a tri-factored sable. He is going to be 5 yo at Christmas time. He is a mama's boy and is timid around little kids & big dogs. But if Scout goes first and says it is ok then he moves in for the attention. He wants to please his mama so he is easy to train, we enjoy obedience, rally obedience & agility.

So these are my boys, hoping to share some of our adventures with you all ...