Friday 22 August 2014

Bell Park

It wasn't the best day weather wise, but off we went anyways. We wanted to do the MacNamara Trail which we have done many times. At the trailhead there is a "no dogs" sign because they don't want us dogs scaring the wildlife. Well, us shelties are not really the type to "run down deer" so normally we ignore that sign. Well this time, there was a new "no dogs at any time" sign, so the mom felt guilty and decided to obey. So guess we won't be doing the MacNamara Trail again any time soon. Honestly people, if dog owners respect the property, clean up and keep us dogs close, how are we scaring the wildlife, except maybe the odd tree rat, we never see any wildlife. Our little town doesn't have a dog park, so what is a dog to do?
 Down the road is another park we like, it doesn't have great trails, but it does have pretty views. It is a point where 2 rivers meet, so here we are at Bell Park.
When trying to get close to one of the pretty views, mom spotted a tent with clothes hung about drying. Guess they didn't see the "no camping" sign. We didn't see anyone butts it was a bit creepy so we skedaddled out of there, since there was only us to protect the mom if things got out of hand. Don't think we would be much help herding them around.

Of course, the mom had to pull out the flashy beast, to commemorate the event of the pretty views. She drives us nuts with that all the time. Butts we are used to it, so if we want to hike, expect the flashy beast at every turn.
Scout wouldn't mind sun bathing on the rocks, if there was some sun, but no dice on this day.

I know mom I got a bit messy with all the exploring, relax I will let you brush me later.

Here we are showing mom how sure footed we are. Around the corner is where the 2 rivers meet and it is fast water, she worries way too much, our ancestors are from the Shetland Islands, so we are experts don't you know.

This is fun, I am one ruff & tumble boy. I wanted to swim but "you know who" wouldn't let me.

of course we see the sign, but we aren't doing more than 5 mph, , what a worry wart.
Scout says, I'm fine, we're checking pee mail, scary tent person is no where in sight.
Scout kills me, trying to get a drink without getting his feet wet. I could show him how it's done but you know who would let me in the water, what a worry wart ....
So that was our little excursion this morning, no running down deer and no tree rats harmed.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


  1. Me and Stanley love getting in the water too. Mom gets really mad when people who are not responsible ruin it for the rest of us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  2. OMD, you guys crack me up! Sorry abouts the 'no doggies' sign ~ we have them in our park too, butts the park peeps pretty much ignore the doggies as long as the peeps are respectful.
    That shot of you tryin' to have a drinkie without gettin your feeties wet just made me BOL!! I am with ya Scout!!! I don't like gettin my furs wet for no reason, ya know? Thou, my furs are shorter, so it's less of a problem. Anyhu, I sure am glads you guys had some quality time with your Moms and that the Creepy Tent Dude didn't come after you guys with a machete or something!!!! (sorry, Ma's been watching too many crime shows lately...gotta get her on the Dog Channel or somethin')
    Ruby ♥

    1. Bol we were happy too no creepy tent dude

  3. Drats those no doggy signs. They should always be ignored we say. We sometime have peeps sleeping in our park in the woods which is a bit creepy. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Bummer about the stoopid sign and ruining your MacNamara Trail plans but this park is just gorgeous! We understand about worry wart moms.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. We have a habit of being 'blind' to such signs too and we agree - what is the point of a park if your can't take your dog there and really - do they not think wolves, coyotes and eagles scare the wildlife - so what is the occasional little dog scare too.

    1. Exactly, good point, and the fact we are little, I would kill myself laughing watching Scout chase down a deer

  6. We feel the same way about irresponsible dog owners who ruin it for everyone. Looks like you found a beautiful spot instead.

  7. Sheesh...we just don't get those, "no doggies allowed" trails....A few bad apples ruin it for efurry!! It looks like you had a fun time at your new park (except for the strange camp peoples)!!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. Hi there Sheltie Boys!!! Oh you Canada doggies have some beautiful places to go hiking. Thanks for stopping by our blog and
    **** BELLS**** and *** HORNS**** and *** WHISTLES****
    you are our 100th follower!!!! Thanks for helping us hit that milestone!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    1. how cool we are #100, thanks for the mention on your bloggie, we were glad to help!!

  9. Aroo there, the Idaho Pugs suggested I drop by and sniff around your blog. Yep, I'm diggin' what I'm seeing.

    Aroo to you,

    1. thanks for stopping by Sully, come again soon!!