Monday, 21 July 2014

Swimming with The Boy

We were at a Riverdrive Festival recently. It is held each year to honour and celebrate the Ottawa River and its historic contribution to our little town. There were vintage boats, great food, paddling & boat rides and traditional music.

We were invited as part of the Avalon Ranch Dock Diving & Agility demos. Avalon Ranch is where we train agility. We did the agility demo ... dock diving & shelties are not a good mix, we could drownded you know. We had fun doing relay races with the kids, over jumps and thru tunnels, kids aren't as fast as us though ... Afterwards, it was really hot, so me and the boy decided to have some fun in the water, notice no docks involved ...

I can get it follow me
can't catch me
no way jose, it's all mine
faster Axel, faster, don't let the boy have it
man that's hard work

As you can tell, I'm the swimmer dog, HRH Scout only give directions from the shore ... 
Until next time, 
your Pal ... Axel
PeeS, watch for my agility pics coming soon


  1. Oh Doggies, fun in the water, wish we were there, we like to splash around!

    The Mad Scots

  2. You are so brave - we won't even put a foot in a puddle of water - we would certainly never swim :)

  3. Too much water rusts the bones. Bol!

    Plus, I bet Axel had to have a bath when yu got home.

  4. THAT looks not only FUN butt REFRESHING. We see you are now up to 13 Followers... THAT is good steady growth. You will meet TONS of Fun Furends in Blogville... we have furends in Columbus that do agilities and Dock Diving and stuffs like that... Sagira and Bokeh and Tempest.. You should try and meet them also. Tell 'em Frankie and Ernie sent you.

  5. We think their addy is Http:// We have met them in the FURS many times...

    1. Tks Frankie for helping us out, the mama needs help Bol!

  6. Phod has that bumper in green!

    Where near Ottawa do you live? We live on the Quebec side in the Gatineau Hills about 30 km north of Ottawa. Lady works in Ottawa and had lived in Ottawa for a long time before she and the Man moved to their dream house in the country.

    Enjoy the river!

    1. We are 30 Km west on Ontario side. Mom says she knows your area, it is lovely especially in the fall time. You are lucky to live in the country where you run free any time you want

  7. ohhhh you are such HANDSOME Shelties!!! Saw your comment on Nola'a blog and I had to visit yours! I soooo want to follow your blog, would you please add follow by email? That is my preferred way to follow. I am a Sheltie too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. Pleased to meet ya Dakota. Mom will figure out how to add that gadget, check back tomorrow, tks for stopping by

  8. Lucky you to have your boy to swim with, Axel!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Hi there Axel and Scout, good to meet you guys and thanks for visiting my blog. I am not a swimmer, more a give directions from the shore kind of a dog.
    Welcome to Blogville.
    Toodle pip!